image showing St Neots Golf Club Interior Facelift

Image id: 49 St Neots Golf Club Interior Facelift

The interior of St Neots Golf Club had weathered well, standing up to the test of time and use. However, the committee felt that the somewhat utilitarian 1970s appearance of the interior could give way to something more attractive to the members. Using a range of materials, timber, metal and plastics, carefully selected for the optimum balance of complementary textures, the entire interior was refurbished to appeal not only visually but also to feel better, while being easy for the club to keep clean and looking great. The before and after photographs show how the PB Originals team transformed the look and feel of the clubhouse. If you have a space that is crying out for an imaginative and creative yet practical makeover, give us a call, or click in the header of any page to send an email.